baby blanket for boy or girl

Thursday, July 24, 2014
I sewed this baby for a baby due in August. Mom and Dad are not finding out what they are having ( how exciting!) and it makes it a challenge for moi. I like this challenge though. 

I thought that the bikes were so cute and adds a touch of whimsy. 

Happy baby!

Need a pretty pick me up?

Friday, July 18, 2014

These are a couple of necklaces that are now for sale in Sweet Patina. I am really proud and happy of the way the last bunch of necklaces came out. Perhaps when you take a break and come back to your craft, you have new inspiration!

You can view a few more by checking out Sweet Patina's facebook page.
Enjoy and happy weekend!

Baby Girl Birthday: stars and hearts

Friday, July 11, 2014
We had the season of baby girl birthdays here in June and July. It was fun for them and for me!

For little girl turning 2, she loves stars and hearts. She wants you to draw them, she wants to color them, and she wants to say them. 

All the flowers came from our yard. I was so impressed! My husband has worked very hard in the yard the last few years and it shows. 

I bought small wooden hearts and stars at the craft store and my girls and I used watercolors to paint them. After they dried, we glued sequins on. I used these on the table and the cakes. Plus, it was a fun activity a 2 and 5 year old could do together. 

I finally broke down and bought lots of clear glass jelly jars. It was time. I used them here for flowers but have already used them for straws, forks and more flowers. Good decision. 

We had hotdogs for lunch and I ( or rather I put my mom and dad to work on it) cut out stars from the watermelon. They were cute and festive. 

Our cake was coconut cake and it was something special. Divine. 

I had a new cake plate to bust out. Love the color. I found stars and hearts glow sticks and put them in a jar near the cake. The party hats were decorated with stars and hearts. 

My older daughter made the fabric weaving a few days before and wanted to use it for sisters cake. Sweet. I also made chocolate cake in tin cans. I had seen it on pinterest and wanted to try it. It was fun to experiment and my cake was good. They were a tad tall and wanted to tip over. Either way, my daughters got a kick out of so many candles to blow out.

Happy 2 year old birthday!

Party Shelf

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
A couple of weeks ago, I was ready to clean everything out. 
And then, I did one room, and haven't done another since. 

I sold a few things on ebay, gave others away and still I have too much stuff. Perhaps its the artist in me?
Either way, I did clean out one of my kitchen shelves. I now call it my party shelf. 

I love that I have a party shelf now.  I keep the upcoming party supplies in there or leftover ones. Its just a happy spot. Even my husband refers to the party shelf. Thats a real win. 

One day, instead of having a wrapping paper room or whatever specialty room that seems ostentatious, I would like to have a party supply room. It would hold all things like this but also the handmade, homemade decor I have made over the years. And when I get too many of them, I would send them out to orphanages or homeless shelters for their own happy days. 


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